We are passionate about Yours growth.That's how we ourselves have grown dramatically from a four-person team in 1999 to a company that's just bubbling with creativity and zest, with multi-functional teams housed in a multi-storied building, working as an extended arm of your business.We have served more than 750 customers in over 20 countries. Read what our customers have to say about us.

intelogicx (intelogicx) is wholly owned by Intelogicx Technologies. Intelogicx Technologies Pvt. Ltd. located and headquartered in Bhubaneswar, the Silicon Valley of India, first started serving the global market in 1999. At the beginning we offered just custom software development. But soon we began offering a wide range of specialized business process outsourcing solutions designed to meet rapidly increasing market demands. Today, Intelogicx Technologies is an independent company that has over 600 people in multiple delivery centers spread across India, South East Asia and South America. Today, our vision is to be a value accelerator through innovative business practices, committed delivery systems and true-value enterprise solutions worldwide.

With experience in the outsourcing industry since 1999, we see ourselves as a global leader. Intelogicx Technologies owns two websites www.intelogicx.com and www.flatworldsolutions.com. Our website www.intelogicx.com has established a niche for us in the world of outsourcing.

Since we are based in techno-savvy Bhubaneswar, Eastern India's IT and ITES hub, home to multinational companies like GE, IBM, Dell, Microsoft, HP, Google, Reuters and many more, we have access to the best global talent and expertise. We thrive on helping your business succeed. We were pioneers in India in exclusively using the Internet to market and sell software development services via the Internet. Our core competence has been in using the Internet to effectively communicate with European and North American customers. What you can expect from us .
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